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Boost and increase your company's growth with our custom-made mascot

By the way, have you ever thought about goodies? Choosing to make a custom-made plush toy is a great way to remind consumers who own a plush toy of your existence every day! To take home, to give to your children, or to decorate, your companion is a perfect reflection of your business at home thanks to its tailor-made appearance. Be inspired by those who trusted us by going to see our photos to give life to your future cuddly toys!

Custom-made lints

A design based on your brand image or your visuals (photos, drawings)

We model the mascot and validate it with you

  • Launching of production in our factories after visualization and validation of the prototype


We send it to your address after payment of your order

Boost and increase your company's growth with our custom-made mascot


His majesty and his knights

Here is the route your custom mascot will take to get to your premises. Designed in France, made in Europe and of very good quality, it will be able to satisfy your expectations. Once the design of the mascot has been validated, it is sent to the manufacturing workshop. It lasts 7 days. As far as the manufacture of the plush toys is concerned, 4 weeks are necessary to finish them, to which we add a week of delivery.

Production Chine.png

Further information

CHOICE: Size of the plush, colors, graphics, .... It's your choice!

MATERIALS: All our cuddly toys are customized with embroidery and silkscreen printing.

MOQ: We create and deliver your cuddly toys from an order of 500 pieces.

DELIVERY TIME: We produce and deliver your cuddly toys within 6 to 9 weeks.


PRICES: The prices of our cuddly toys are to be determined on quotation

norme CE.png

Your Custom Mascot estimate will be sent to you within 24 hours. At this stage, we offer you a free freehand sketch to get an idea of what your future mascot could look like. Do not hesitate to call us for more information.

They trusted us

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