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Mascottes en FoliZz is a French start-up based in Lyon, born in 2015. Specialized in mascots’ conception and design, including inflatable mascots and custom-made lints, our company offers also street-marketing actions.


OUR GOAL : develop the identities of the member companies and increase your visibility


OUR METHOD : to meet the goal, our team follows a method in order to satisfy your expectations as far as possible. We study your values and your desires, then we work from your ideas, sketches, visuals, or logos that you want to see come alive.


OUR ADVANTAGES : enlarge your team by welcoming a mascot is an significant advantage against your competitors. It’s an excellent visual communication tool that will transcribe the company’s values.


USE : there are many different ways to use our equipment : at your trade shows, your inner or outer events (particularly street-marketing missions). It enables to touch your customers even more and to be easily identifiable.


Mascottes en Folizz

Bonjour à tous ! Moi c’est Folizz, le roi de la mascotte.

Aujourd'hui je vais vous raconter mon histoire.

Mascotte en Folizz s’est inspiré d’un concept qui s’est développé aux États-Unis, à savoir la conception de mascottes et de peluches sur mesure. 
Dans un premier temps, nous accompagnons nos clients dans les visuels de leurs futures mascottes pour qu’elles soient parfaitement cohérentes avec votre image de marque. Ensuite notre équipe met en place un suivi personnalisé pour optimiser vos stratégies de communication et de marketing à partir de la mascotte afin d’optimiser vos retour sur investissement.

Enfin, nous avons un réseau de pro de l’animation prêt à couvrir de multiples missions à travers la France. 

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour avoir plus d’informations sur notre activité 

A powerful team in the FoliZz Kingdom

Oriane Provot.jpg
Oriane Provot

“Events en FoliZz" graphic designer

Lenny Camors

“Mascottes en FoliZz” and “Events en FoliZz” CEO

Clément Pahon.png
Clément Pahon

"Mascottes en FoliZz" Sales manager

Bruno Foret
Bruno Foret

“Gonflable en FoliZz” CEO and partner of Lenny Camors


"Mascottes en FoliZz" Sales manager

Emeline FUMEY.png
Emeline Fumey

“Events en FoliZz" graphic designer

équipe en FoliZz

L'équipe en FoliZz au salon CTCO 2O2O 

A project exhibited on television

Mascotte en FoliZz BFM

+1M d'auditeurs

fournisseur tpmp

3M de vues sur le clip YouTube

Lenny Camors

It’s a beautiful story that tells us Lenny Camors, as in children’s fairy tales, Lenny had dreams even bigger than himself… he hasn’t lost sight of his goals.

However, things didn’t start out so well for him. After a difficult school career, he became animator in the social center Georges-Levy in Vaulx-en-Velin.


His entertainer talent was quickly spotted, he then obtained a contract with the Mission Locale of Oullins. His first opportunity was going to Toronto, Canada for an inter-personal training.

“I had the idea to build a little project geared towards mascots because, in the social center, when I used to dress up in Mickey Mouse, I saw the stars into children’s eyes who couldn’t afford going to Disney Land”, tells Lenny.

On his return from Toronto, he integrated “Entrepreneurs dans la Ville”, where he received a training course to help with business creation, in partnership with “EM Lyon” and “Sport dans la Ville”. Marketing and Management classes allowed him developing his idea and to build a strong business plan. That’s how he was able to establish, between November 2016 and June 2017 : “Events en FoliZz”, which offers mascots location and animation. About fifteen life-size characters among which Homer Simpson, Minions and Paw Patrol animate birthdays, weddings, hospitals and movie presentations.

Propelled to Las Vegas, into the CES fair-trade (most important worldwide technological fair-trade), Lenny Camors simultaneously developed “Mascottes en FoliZz”, giving companies the opportunity to create their own custom-made mascots (from their logo or a visual).

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